Farm Related Information

Enhancing Pollinator Floral Resources at The Farm Between a video about our SARE grant investigating cover crops, buckwheat and phacelia, as a way to enhance floral resources for bees.

A Fall with The Farm Between a great video by the students in a UVM Agroecology Class that worked on the farm as part of their coursework.

EcoBeneficial Interview: Going Pesticide-Free for Pollinators at The Farm Between (video)

In 2012, we received a Northeast Sustainable Agricultural Research and Education Grant (SARE FNE13-781) entitled Investigating Ways to Improve Native Pollinator Floral Resources by Comparing Multipurpose Cover Crops of Phacelia, buckwheat, and a commercial bee forage mix.

Nursery Information

This link provides information about soil amendments and why we don’t recommend putting them in the hole when planting trees and bushes. It’s better to use them as top dressing on the soil around the newly planted trees.

Pollinator Resources

Bombus ternarius on phacelia cover crop at The Farm BetweensmallThe Xerces Society is the go to website for insects and other invertebrate conservation and information.

Make Way for Monarchs – a milkweed-butterfly recovery alliance.

Pollinator Partnership

NRCS Insects and Pollinators

NOFA Intensive Presentations

In February we gave an all day workshop with Jane Sorensen (Riverberry Farm) about enhancing native pollinators in your working landscape. We have provided the powerpoint presentations for interested people.

NOFA pollinator intensive 2015 john John presents an overview of who the pollinators are and why they are in trouble.

NOFApollinator workshop honey bees Nancy presents a short overview of some issues specific to honey bees.

Powerpoint for Jane-Design for Pollinators Jane presents the important design issues for improving farm and garden for pollinators.

TreesandShrubs Nancy presents some of her favorite pollinator trees.

2 Powerpoint for Jane-Selected Perennials, Grasses for Pollinators Jane presents some perennial plants that provide nectar and pollen for pollinators.

Establishing and Maintaining NOFA 2015 John presents some ideas on establishing and maintaining your new plantings.

Vermont Pollinator Pallette w-common names Jane’s spreadsheet on important pollinator plants.

Trees and Shrubs for PollinatorsJane Jane’s larger overview on trees and shrubs for pollinators.