Fruit and Fruit Syrups

black currant fruitFresh Fruit:

Our organic fresh fruit like strawberries, blueberries, black and red currants, gooseberries, raspberries and more are sold at the Burlington Farmers Market and at the farm on days when the fruit nursery is open. We never use pesticides or chemicals on our farm even those that are organically allowed. We also sell frozen and fresh fruit wholesale.

Fruit Syrups:

Homemade fruit sodas. Photo credit: Carol Sullivan.

Homemade fruit sodas. Photo credit: Carol Sullivan.

We are committed to making the best fruit syrups in the world.  To have the highest quality control, we use our own organically grown fruit, raise bees for honey  used in some of our flavors, and grow and press our own apples that we use to sweeten our raspberry apple cider flavor. Organic sugar provides the sweetener for other syrups. Our regular flavors are black currant, elderberry/ginger/honey, strawberry/rhubarb, and raspberry apple cider. We also make other flavors like gooseberry-red currant, blackberry lavender, pink champagne currant, and plum when extra fruit is available.

You can enjoy our fruit syrups as snow cones or homemade fruit sodas at the Burlington Farmers Markets or buy our bottled syrups and make your own. They also are great over pancakes, in yogurt, for cooking, or in homemade cocktails. Be creative!