About Us

About the farm…

The Farm Between is nestled in the Northern Green Mountains along the Lamoille River in Jeffersonville, Vermont. Settled in the early 1800s, it is one of the oldest farms in the area and was a long time dairy operations for many generations as evidenced by the large dairy barn and other outbuildings. The previous owners stopped farming in the 1970s and so when we bought it in 1992 it had not been farmed for many years.

On our farm, we work closely with nature by using ecological principles and practices to grow cold hardy organic fruits, fruit nursery plants, and maintain a 14-acre pollinator sanctuary. We believe that ‘Small is Beautiful’ and keep our acreage and markets at a scale where we can still give our personal attention to both the plants we grow and the markets for our fresh fruit and fruit products.

Our nursery specializes in cold hardy fruits, most which we also grow on the farm commercially, as well as native pollinator plants which are not only beautiful but are beneficial to bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects.

Local markets and interacting directly with our customers are an important part of our farm business. We sell our fruits, fruit syrups, and our crowd favorite organic snow cones and fruit fountain sodas at the Burlington Farmers Markets and our wholesale fruits to Boyden Valley Winery, Citizen Cider, Hen of the Woods and other localvore businesses.

About the farmers…


johnandnancyJohn and Nancy Hayden are the husband and wife team who own and operate The Farm Between. One of our goals is to reclaim our own food sovereignty. Growing our own food allows us to live more in harmony with nature and our surroundings. We relish the physical work and creating things with our own hands. By opting out of the corporate food system we avoid the pervasive pesticides, GMO’s, and environmental and social costs of industrialized farming. As stewards of our land, our goal is to leave it in much better shape than we found it. We also want to encourage other people to find the joys of growing their own food through sharing our experiences through our nursery, workshops, and informal conversation.

John Hayden grew up in the shadow of NYC where his family owned and operated a neighborhood bar. As a child, his favorite place was his small backyard where he spent hours on his hands and knees observing bugs and watching things grow. His  experience in sustainable agriculture started as a  Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, West Africa where he worked to incorporate ecological pest management techniques in market gardens. John  has an M.S. in Agricultural Entomology and over 30 years professional experience in sustainable and regenerative agriculture as a university educator, researcher, extension agent, consultant, and practicing organic farmer. He has already filled up three passports with his international consulting work , but his favorite work is at The Farm Between.

Nancy Hayden is a farmer, artist, writer, and environmental engineer. She retired from a university faculty position in 2013 to have more time on the farm and in her studios. Passionate about healthy sustainable food and living, the farm has been an essential component of her life and lifestyle for over twenty years. She has degrees in ecology, environmental engineering, English, creative writing and studio art and enjoys combining her interest in ways that foster learning and discovery. She was also a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa. Visit her website to learn more about her art and writing northwindarts.com  (This link takes you off The Farm Between website) and a recent article about her in Lancaster Farming.